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Group tickets

Types & discount rates

Type No. of people Discount rate Remarks
Students 25 or more 30% Persons attached to the group, teaching staff and travel agency staff qualify for a 30% discount.
100 or more 40%
300 or more 50%
Regular passengers 25 or more 20% For groups of 51 to 100, one person travels free; for groups of 101 upwards, two people travel free.
100 or more 30%
300 or more 40%

Issuing stations

Group tickets may be purchased from the following stations: Yokohama, Hoshikawa, Futamatagawa, Mitsukyo, Yamato, Ebina, Ryokuentoshi, and Shonandai.
(Applications for group tickets may be made at each station.)

Date of issue

Group tickets may be purchased up to twenty-one days prior to the date of travel.

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