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Train Schedule

Use the Sotetsu Route Map to search for train schedules.

Schedules for all Sotetsu stations are available.
To view a station's schedule, please click on the desired station.

  • Ebina

  • Kashiwadai

  • Sagamino

  • Sagami-Otsuka

  • Yamato

  • Seya

  • Mitsukyo

  • Kibogaoka

  • Futamatagawa

  • Tsurugamine

  • Nishiya

  • Kami-Hoshikawa

  • Wadamachi

  • Hoshikawa

  • Tennocho

  • Nishi-Yokohama

  • Hiranumabashi

  • Yokohama

  • Shonandai

  • Yumegaoka

  • Izumi-chuo

  • Izumino

  • Yayoidai

  • Ryokuentoshi

  • Minami-Makigahara

YokohamaNew window

HiranumabashiNew window

Nishi-YokohamaNew window

TennochoNew window

HoshikawaNew window

WadamachiNew window

Kami-HoshikawaNew window

NishiyaNew window

TsurugamineNew window

FutamatagawaNew window

KibogaokaNew window

MitsukyoNew window

SeyaNew window

YamatoNew window

Sagami-OtsukaNew window

SagaminoNew window

KashiwadaiNew window

EbinaNew window


Minami-MakigaharaNew window

RyokuentoshiNew window

YayoidaiNew window

IzuminoNew window

Izumi-chuoNew window

YumegaokaNew window

ShonandaiNew window


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