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Information on women-only cars

Sotetsu has introduced women-only cars on all lines for weekday morning and evening rush-hour travel.
We humbly request the understanding and cooperation of all passengers.

Sections covered
All lines (main line [Yokohama - Ebina], Izumino line [Futamatagawa - Shonandai]) 35.9km
Operating hours
Morning and evening - late night weekday commuter services
Trains covered
All trains (express, rapid and local services)


All services arriving in Yokohama between 7:00 and 9:30


All outbound services departing from Yokohama from 18:00 to the last train

Click here for individual station timetables

Location of women-only cars

The fourth car on trains bound for Yokohama is the women-only car.

Train door and carriage markings

Train door stickers

On platforms: Please wait here for boarding (stated times are examples)

Carriage stickers

This sticker is affixed to the windows of women-only cars.

Other information

  • In the following circumstances, male passengers may also ride women-only cars.
    For details, please check with a platform attendant before boarding.
    Boys up to the sixth grade of elementary school
    Male passengers with a physical disability
    Male care workers accompanying passengers with a physical disability, etc.
  • Male passengers are requested not to pass through women-only cars while trains are in motion.

Questionnaire survey on women-only cars

Sotetsu carried out a questionnaire relating to women-only cars with a view to obtaining reference data for the future operation of this service and received valuable comments from many of our passengers. For details, please view "Results from the Questionnaire Survey on Women-only Cars".

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