Lost property on trains and buses

Lost and found inquiries

On the day...

• Trains: please contact your local station or the station where you disembarked

List of station contact numbers
Station Telephone number Station Telephone number
Yokohama 045-319-2407 Yamato 046-261-2162
Hiranumabashi 045-311-2825 Sagami-Otsuka 046-263-9220
Nishi-Yokohama 045-311-3224 Sagamino 046-232-7325
Tennocho 045-331-3673 Kashiwadai 046-231-7560
Hoshikawa 045-331-0323 Ebina 046-231-1622
Wadamachi 045-331-3674 Minami-Makigahara 045-363-6066
Kami-Hoshikawa 045-381-2328 Ryokuentoshi 045-811-5440
Nishiya 045-371-2475 Yayoidai 045-811-5441
Tsurugamine 045-371-2327 Izumino 045-803-1199
Futamatagawa 045-391-5207 Izumi-chuo 045-801-6042
Kibogaoka 045-391-1012 Yumegaoka 045-804-2477
Mitsukyo 045-391-2601 Shonandai 0466-45-4738
Seya 045-301-0021    

• Buses: please contact your local sales office
List of sales office contact numbers
Sales office Telephone number Sales office Telephone number
Asahi Sales Office 045-955-1101 Yokohama Sales Office 045-331-1071
Sotetsu Bus Company Ayase Sales Office 0467-78-5681

For any subsequent inquiries ...

Any lost and found inquiries made after 1 p.m. on the following day should be directed to the "Lost & Found Center" at Futamatagawa station.

Futamatagawa station "Lost & Found Center"
  Tel: 045-391-5207
  The center is located on station premises (to the right of the ticket barriers; see below for details) Station map [print view PDF 44KB]

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